This daycare centre (nursery) is located at Areeiro, in Lisbon and it aimed at giving an educational response based on educational practices focused on nature and on the specific characteristics of early childhood: curiosity and play!

In 2014, we have started our annual campaign for child abuse prevention through positive parenting promotion called CHILDWOOD ONLY COMES ONCE.  The main purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness to the public in general for the significance of childhood and for the experiences enjoyed during that stage of life, in particular, the good parental practices.

The service called “BE PART OF THE STORY” is intended to support the parents by providing them information, advice and training on parenthood, and also to give assistance to parents and children at risk.


Tel.: 21 136 85 14

Caminhos da Infância

Rua margarida de abreu, n.º4

1900 - 362 Lisboa

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